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The Centre International du Photojournalisme (CIP) present :


Cycle of exhibitions dedicated to the representation of violence,
from metaphor to frontality.

Couvent des Minimes - Perpignan

Agnès Sajaloli


After studying literature and theater, Agnès Sajaloli has led a career as a teacher, actor and director. Having created some fifty shows and reading salons based on the crossing of artistic disciplines and the development of cultural action projects for a wide variety of audiences, she has been an associate artist in charge of cultural action at the Scène Nationale de Châteauroux, director of the Établissement National de Production et de Diffusion Artistique Le Grand Bleu in Lille, and then director of the Établissement Public de Coopération Culturelle du Mémorial du Camp de Rivesaltes. Today she leads various projects around the literary life (writing, public readings, programming, training ...) open to very large audiences, especially for youth.


Jc Milhet is a photojournalist in the south of France.


Independent photographer, in Perpignan, since 2010, teacher of the License in Photojournalism at the University of Perpignan as well as the #Transmission training, Jc likes to alternate photoreportages for the daily press or magazines (Pyrénées Mag', Géo, La Vie, La Croix, Le Monde...) and pedagogy as during his residency at the International Center of Photojournalism / Visa pour l'Image (Perpignan), in 2017 or MediaTarn (Castres) in 2021 and 2022.

His favorite areas? A jack of all trades, he is fond of photojournalism of crafts and heritage where he demonstrates know-how and cultural traditions, without forgetting news photography, societal or environmental photography which tends to show the evolution of
our society and the impact of humans on it.

Responding to corporate orders (Diam bouchage...) and institutional orders (ADT 66, PNR, Canigó Grand Site...), he also practices landscape and “tourist” illustration…

In 2021, Jc is proud of the winners of the Sebas3en Vermeille prize, rewarding the best military photographs of the year.


Series of diptychs composed of portraits of war reporters facing their most iconic or most personal images.


Abbas, Ameer Al Halbi, Lucas Barioulet, Patrick Baz, Yannis Behrakis, Guillaume Binet, Alexandra Boulat, Éric Bouvet, Alain Buu, Alvaro Canovas, Robert Capa, Chim, Rachel Cobb, Enrico Dagnino, William Daniels, Jérôme Delay, Françoise Demulder, Maxim Dondyuk, Thomas Dworzak, Edouard Elias, Stanley Greene, Thomas Haley, Ron Haviv, Olivier Jobard, Jon Jones, Alain Keler, Bulent Kilic, Gary Knight, Bénédicte Kurzen, Frédéric Lafargue, Catherine Leroy, Don McCullin, Aline Manoukian, Pascal Maitre, Christopher Morris, John G.Morris, Yan Morvan, Emmanuel Ortiz, Sergey Ponomarev, Noël Quidu, Patrick Robert, Christine Spengler, Maggie Steber, Tom Stoddart, Gerda Taro, Pierre Terdjman, Véronique de Viguerie, Alfred Yaghobzadeh, Francesco Zizola.


New diptychs will be presented during the spring of 2023. The list of the exhibited photographers is therefore provisional.


A little before winter, Seb Cazes eats a lot, thus building up reserves. He looks for a suitable place and arranges it. Pyrenean cave, cabin in the depths of a wood, no one really knows where Seb Cazes lives, especially when he starts to hibernate.

This does not prevent him from filling countless sketchbooks, observing and drawing mountain flora or wild surroundings, climbing the four corners of the Pyrenees and of course indulging in his favorite activity: scratching. his back against the trunks of hook pine trees.

It's still not uncommon to see him come out of the woods with posters or animated films from nowhere, show them here and there and disappear as stealthily as he appeared. Indeed, its all-terrain agility does not increase our chances of coming across this hairy individual at the bend of a path (its images, on the other hand, are more eloquent!).

Someone even claimed to have met him in the flesh on a peak in the Pyrenees.
Myth or pure invention? Seb Cazes is no longer a fabrication. Since his Fine Arts diploma obtained in 1998 in Angoulême, this enthusiast has simply disappeared into thin air.

Rumors in the valleys say that he signed quite a few posters as an illustrator at the Auch theater (now Circa scene conventionnée), that he was active with exhibitions and micro-editions with his collective Presse-à -Grumeaux, that he has shot a few animated films, but since he left his native Gers (it is said that he was born there in 1975) for the Hautes-Pyrénées, a few years ago, he would have simply took off, accompanied only by his drawing notebooks...

Press contact:
Bénédicte VINCENT,
Head of the cultural mediation and public service department
International Center for Photojournalism
Visa for Image – Perpignan
Convent of the Minimes
24 rue Rabelais
66000 Perpignan
Phone : 06 72 66 52 41

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