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Praise of slowness and transformed reality
Praise of slowness and transformed reality

Wed, 26 Apr



Praise of slowness and transformed reality

The CIP Educational Gallery presents “The Praise of Slowness and Transformed Reality. » //JC Milhet // Seb Cazes // Tristana Carrasco

Date et lieu

26 Apr 2023, 09:00 – 30 Sept 2023, 17:00

Perpignan, 24 Rue François Rabelais, 66000 Perpignan, France

Infos de l'événement

Photo-journalistic meetings:

The praise of slowness and transformed reality.

Driven by the desire to reduce inequalities in terms of access to informaton and the media, the Center internatonal du photojournalisme offers throughout the year to different audiences to produce photographic reports under the leadership of photojournalists, sometimes associated to artists. They approach different fields and disciplines, in order to facilitate their access to information, to define the challenges of photojournalism, and to have a citizen's view of the world. 

The praise of slowness and transformed reality is the result of the work of 3 classes from the Pasteur Lamartine school in Perpignan as well as 9 learners aged 12 to 16 from the EAJ Saint Mathieu de Perpignan, accompanied and trained by the photojournalists Tristana Carrasco and Jc Milhet, as well as Seb Cazes, draftsman.

With each of the groups, we thus tried to analyze photojournalism as a prism for reading everyday life: real, patiently documented, sometimes transformed and sublimated. For each exhibition, we suggest that you weave as many links as possible between the different facets of photojournalism. Pretext to meet, this exhibition is the pretext for intimate encounters, allowing to discover a district, students, inhabitants or professionals. Through multiple ramifications, the authors have come together to offer you an explosion of colors, shapes and emotions.

A creative space is available to continue research and crossings. With the 46 students from the CE1 classes of Laure Besset and Géraldine Senaux and the CE2-CM1 class of Liliane Roque Marquez from the Pasteur Lamartine school in Perpignan, as well as the 9 young people supervised by Leïla Soussi from the EAJ Saint Mathieu from Perpignan. The educational gallery of the International Center of Photojournalism, a place of demonstration and active pedagogy.

Benedict Vincent

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