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The world in front of our eyes
The world in front of our eyes

Thu, 19 Jan



The world in front of our eyes

Exhibitions - Plurals - Photo-journalism ALIZÉ LE MAOULT - What their eyes have seen... GILES DULEY - Legacy of war ALEXANDRA BOULAT - Shard of War JEAN-FRANCOIS LEROY - Meeting

Date et lieu

19 Jan 2023, 10:00 – 16 Apr 2023, 17:00

Perpignan, 24 rue Francois Rabelais, 66000 Perpignan, France

Infos de l'événement

Alizé Le Maoult

What their eyes have seen...

Capa's heirs


To show. Bear witness. Denouncing injustices and violations of human rights, explaining what is happening on the ground, questioning... This is the goal of war reporters. They exercise the most perilous job of journalist because they have to be at the heart of the action, at the cost of their freedom and even their life. “If your photos aren't good enough, you're not close enough,” said Robert Capa, the legendary figure of reporters.


Giles Duley

legacy of war


Kintsugi is a Japanese process consisting of repairing broken ceramics with gold lacquer.

Kin = Golden

Tsugi = Join


This is a beautiful Zen concept which means that when a precious bowl or dish is damaged, we should not try to make the repair invisible like we do in the West, but when the ceramic is re-assembled , the cracks are highlighted as beautiful and strong. The precious veins of gold running through the bowl are there to emphasize that breaks are part of history and should be remembered and revered.


Alexandra Boulat

Shard of War


Alexandra Boulat was born in Paris on May 2, 1962. She began by studying graphic art and art history at the Beaux Arts in Paris. In 1989, after 10 years of painting, she decided to follow in the footsteps of her father, Pierre Boulat, photographer for Life Magazine for 25 years, and became a photojournalist. Until 2000 she was represented by the Sipa Press agency. In 2001, she co-founded the VII agency. Her news or magazine reports have been published in the biggest international press magazines, and mainly by the National Geographic Magazine, Time and Paris Match. She has received numerous awards for the quality of her work.

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