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The CIP conserves and promotes the works of photojournalists, witnesses of world history and actors of freedom of expression.

The goals of the CIP :

To become a unique documentary fund on photojournalism and its history, thanks to a internationally accessible database.

To host, preserve and make available to researchers the works of photojournalists with a storage space for photographic funds suitable for the preservation of physical photographic archives.

To initiate and support projects intended to promote the work of photojournalists through editions, exhibitions, multimedia supports, meetings, etc.

To develop and implement image education programs.


Since the creation of the Visa pour l'Image festival in 1989, Perpignan has defended and encouraged the work of photojournalists. The International Center for Photojournalism was born out of a desire to consolidate and perpetuate this festival. Its vocation is to defend, promote and develop the professions of photojournalism, which are essential to the preservation of our collective memory, to the writing of our history and to the defense of freedom of expression in the world.


The CIP was created by the Visa pour l'Image association, which has been running Visa pour l'Image, the largest photojournalism festival in the world since 1989.

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